Leaflets are one of the most potent direct marketing tactics in 2019. While email marketing can represent the ‘hit and hope’ nature of digital activities, passing a leaflet to your audience ensures that you are engaging directly with them, and that can make all the difference.
So how do you go about making sure your leaflets make the splash you need? In this blog, we offer some top tips:
1. Play to your audience
You must think carefully about your target audience and the best way in which you can resonate with them. This can translate to the style of leaflet which you print. If you are seeking to communicate with a professional audience, perhaps sober fonts and colours are best, but if your audience is young and your message is fun, there is nothing wrong with going bold and loud!
2. Keep it concise
Remember that this is a leaflet, not a book! That means it can work well to keep it concise and not include reams of text. Leaflet printing is an excellent way to engage with your audience use the opportunity to your advantage. You can always provide instructions to access more detailed resources, such as a website address, so your leaflet should be focused on getting the key components of your messaging across to the people that matter.
3. Don’t compromise on quality
We can assume that you will be using imagery of some sort in the design of your flyers, and that’s where it becomes important to use the best possible pictures. It can pay dividends to find some original photos, and not rely on the same old stock files, and when it comes to the resolution, aim for as high as possible and ensure there is no discolouration.
4. Include a call to action
What’s the point in educating, informing, or entertaining your audience if there’s no end game? Your leaflet must include the next step – whether that’s navigating to a website, downloading an app or following an account on social media. And ensure that you include other important details if necessary, such as email and postal addresses.
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