Whether you use brochures to advertise your products or services or to provide corporate information to clients and colleagues, brochures continue to be an essential marketing and communications tool.

Making sure that your high quality brochures set out to achieve what you want them to is important, however, don’t fall into the trap of making these common mistakes.

They have no clear purpose

While brochures can help to promote your business or communicate vital information, there’s no point in getting them designed and printed without giving any thought to what you want them to achieve. Think about who the brochure is intended for, and design the layout and copy of the brochure around this. Create a clear call to action within the brochure, and don’t forget to include your contact details. High quality brochure printing will only be successful if you carefully design and curate the content to target your customers.

Failing to proof the copy

No matter how much thought you’ve put into the design and printing of your brochures, if the copy gets overlooked, it can drag the rest of the brochure down. Make sure the brochure copy is thoroughly proofread and edited by professionals, so that it reads and flows well, doesn’t contain any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, and appeals to your target audiences. Check that the page numbers correspond to the appropriate text and that there are no missing sections.

Poor quality printing

Cheap printing using poor quality paper is a false economy, and won’t create the desired impression you want to achieve from your brochure. As a result you should ensure you do your research on printing firms before placing work. Always choose a reputable high quality brochure printing company that focuses on high-quality printing, no matter what the size of the job or budget.

Dated brochures

When putting a brochure together, it’s important that the information inside it is accurate when the intended audience gets to read it, particularly if it’s a printed version rather than a digital copy. If your printed brochures will require updating frequently to reflect a change in information, only print what you need, to avoid excess waste and overspending.

Ineffective use

When you’ve gone to the time, effort and expense of getting brochures designed and printed, don’t just leave them to gather dust in the corner of a stock room. Use your brochures as part of your marketing strategies and get them distributed to the right people, at the right time. High quality brochures are a fantastic resource for your business.

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