A good brochure remains one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can have in its branding arsenal. Mixing tactility and convenience, printed brochures give your target customer the perfect reference point for the products and services that you offer. That does not mean, however, that all brochures are of equal value and crafting the right one will take some critical thought.
In fact, many brochures fall at the first hurdle, by failing to make an impact in their opening pages. Here are three key tips on getting this right:
• This book will be judged by its cover
You can fill your brochure with all the compelling, well written, informative content in the world. If the front cover does not give the reader a good reason to open it up, you may as well have stapled together some blank pages. The front cover should be flashy enough to get your target customer’s attention, but simple and straightforward enough for them to understand what they are looking at. Avoid technical jargon, but use language that plays up the importance of the information held within.
• If it’s over eight pages, include a contents page
For short brochures, a contents page is usually a waste of space, for anything above six pages it might be worthwhile, and for anything over eight pages it is essential. Believe it or not, there is an art to a good contents page. As this is the front-of-house for your brochure, it has to be inviting and absorbing, exciting the reader about what they are about to read. Use your imagination and avoid the temptation to just drily list what’s on each page.
• A question of layout
Always remember, when it comes to brochures, information is the key component. But how do you know what information is important and how to structure it? The simplest and best method is to ask yourself the following questions:
1. What questions does the average reader have about the product?
2. What order will they have those questions in?
How you answer should dictate the contents and layout of your piece.
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