One of the core advantages of print-based advertising is, it enables businesses to reach a wide variety of different demographics. Not all demographics are likely to encounter or be swayed by televised adverts, internet advertising, radio adverts or other forms of digital media. However, printed marketing materials such as printed posters take up physical space in the real world, meaning that most of us find it difficult to ignore them, regardless of how much attention we usually pay to other forms of media. There are several different groups of consumers who can be reached by printed posters, banners and billboards but who aren’t susceptible to other forms of advertising.
Night shift workers
Televised and radio adverts are broadcast at specific times, which have to be chosen based on how prospective customers are likely to be watching TV or listening to the radio at that time. People who keep unusual work hours (particularly individuals who work night shifts) are unlikely to consume media at the same time as other people because they have a radically different schedule. However, printed posters displayed in well-lit areas are visible at all times of day and can therefore be seen by individuals who pass them at any hour. According to Bizfluent, posters can “reach readers at all times”, regardless of when they happen to be up.
An ever-increasing number of retirees lead active lifestyles, meaning that they may not spend as much time watching TV or listening to the radio as you might expect. They’re also less likely to engage with the internet than younger individuals, meaning that they are unlikely to encounter online advertising. In fact, they’re less likely to engage with any form of media that’s dependent on technology. As such, posters are a reliable way to reach out to the retired demographic in a way that doesn’t require technological engagement.
Individuals with unconventional lifestyles
We live a diverse and varied culture: not everyone lives the type of lifestyle that makes them susceptible to TV, radio and online advertising. Some people actively avoid engaging with these forms of media, and there are always more ways being developed to banish online adverts and popups. Meanwhile, others might lead lives that mean they don’t have as much time to engage with these media, whether it’s because they have a young family, a busy career or enjoy the outdoor life. Instead, these individuals might be more likely to engage with the wider world beyond their front door, which means that posters displayed in bus stops, community spaces, town centres and on public transport can be more impactful.
For more on the benefits of poster advertising read the excellent article in Bizfluent: What Are the Benefits of Posters for Advertising.
Posters are a versatile form of advertising because they have a wide reach that can target both everyday consumers and those demographics who are more likely to encounter advertising in a traditional format. They can be seen by anyone at any time and provide round-the-clock exposure for your brand. What’s more, they can be positioned in specific areas that your audience is more likely to frequent. If you want to expand your customer-base to include a wider variety of people, posters should be part of your marketing strategy. We offer affordable high quality poster and large format printing here at