There’s nothing like a poster to sell your event or promote your product; it’s big, it’s bold and it’s unmissable. We’ve rounded up some top tips on how to design and print a punchy poster that’s hard to ignore.
Design simplicity is key
Kiss (Keep it simple, stupid.) The person looking at your poster doesn’t need to know all of the information, they just need enough information to pique their interest and encourage them to follow it up online, on the phone or in person. So your poster needs to be impactful and the design needs to allow it to stand out and grab those precious first impression seconds.
That means you should be brutal about what you include in your Poster (Blog Post: Choose your words with care.) – key details which will help to make the sale only. If it’s a gig or event, include what, when and where, plus some ticketing information. If it’s a product, the main selling point will do – even a price might not be necessary if it’s something a viewer could easily find out elsewhere. Keep it concise.
Create a journey
If you’re designing and printing a poster for the theatre or an event let the images speak for themselves, your goal is to tease the audience by letting out just enough information with the story remaining ambiguous enough to create curiosity and incentivize the potential customer into carrying out further research.
Print Design Focal points
Just as too much information isn’t necessary, you don’t want your poster’s design to be overly busy either. Choose a key focal point with the main headline or image and keep the background as plain as possible. If there’s extra info you need to convey, like a product website or ticket price, you can create up to two smaller separate focal areas on the poster, but no more than three in total. Example: In the featured poster design image, the three focal points are the Gift Vouchers title, the image graphic of the lady’s face and the name of the company Adora Belle. You only have a couple of seconds to create a lasting impression which is why we don’t recommend creating more than three focal points on your poster design.
Just my type
Choose good typefaces. Of course, typefaces are very much personal preference, but you’ll find there are a few fonts that are universally reviled in the world of graphic design (such as Comic Sans). Equally, there are others that designers almost ubiquitously favour i.e. Calibri and Arial type.
If your company brand or event has a signature typeface, use that for consistency; if not, do some research into what looks good on a poster and choose one you like.
Poster Printing
Once you’ve designed your poster, don’t let it down with an inferior quality of printing; here at, we offer high quality poster printing at low prices to make sure your masterpiece looks as good in the flesh as it does on a screen. Get in touch today to see what we can offer you.