Although it is easy to focus solely on digital marketing methods in the modern business world, it is also key to factor in how print marketing can help you thrive too. Using both approaches in an integrated manner is actually the sensible route to take and helps bring the best of what each approach delivers.

A great example of this is using print supplies to give your social media marketing extra sparkle. But how can it do this?

Helps drive people to your social media

This is one of the best ways using print marketing supplies like flyers or leaflets can boost your social media efforts. In simple terms, placing your social media account details on print supplies you hand out puts them in front of lots more people.

Many of these people will then check out your social media accounts to find out more about you, prompted by the brochure, flyer or leaflet. Even if you do not have your social media details on your print marketing materials, people may still search for your company online after seeing it and visit your social media accounts.

Gives you cool images to post

On social media platforms, it pays to use images as well as text in posts to drive engagement. Before you can harness the power of images though, you need to have cool ones to share! Print marketing supplies help here as they are perfect for photographing and posting online. A well-crafted flyer for example is the ideal image to not only catch people’s attention on social media but also showcase your brand personality and announces key information on upcoming events/deals. Flyer printing is a fantastic cost effective form of marketing.

QR codes

Most people by now are familiar with QR codes and how they work. They have become very popular in recent times – not only with companies but also with consumers. A great tip is to include a QR code on your printed marketing supplies, which links to the social media platform of your choice. This makes it quick and easy for consumers to visit you on social media, thus ramping up the traffic you should see.

Print supplies perfect for boosting social media marketing

Any sensible business owner knows that blending digital marketing with print marketing is the best recipe for success. As the above shows, there are multiple ways in which print supplies can actually boost digital methods, like social media marketing.

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