Now I know what you might be thinking, really, we are discussing Christmas in October? Well now is a great time for businesses to start thinking about how to use printed products such as Christmas cards and calendars to increase their customer loyalty and show you are invested in them.
Here are a few ways printed products can help you achieve the personal touch this Christmas:
Christmas Cards
First and foremost, the traditional printed Christmas card. By sending out Christmas cards to your customers and suppliers you will put your business at the front and centre of the consumers mind during the most purchase orientated part of the year. By sending out Christmas cards you are giving a physical reminder of your business. A physical reminder is important as we are dominated by apps and websites and all things digital. Business owners can underestimate the power of a tangible card. There has been an increased use of HTML emails used as a substitute for the traditional Christmas card, but this is by no means a replacement and can negatively impact the receiver.
Stimulate New Business in the New year
For many businesses throughout the UK and globally January and February can be some of the quietest times of the year. Following the intense rush leading up to Christmas, the dark mornings and sense of over indulgence over the festive period can cause cut backs both personally and corporately. However, by placing a New Year offer into your business cards can be a great way to stimulate new business during these early months and give your turnover a kick to start the year. With the longevity of Christmas cards, they act as a fantastic promotional product hung up in an office or at home over the festive period and not disposed of immediately.
Saying Thank You
It’s incredibly important to acknowledge your customers and your suppliers. Saying thank you to your customers and appreciating their loyalty speaks volumes about you and your business. Remember without your customers loyalty your business would not be a success. Christmas card printing does not need to break the bank but the rewards can be huge.
If you haven’t, you should really start to think about designing and ordering your corporate Christmas cards. Speak to the experts at who can help with the design stages right through to the printing.