The use of colour can say a lot about a brand. It can have a big influence on mood and behaviour, so in the business world, choosing the right colour combination is really important.

A simple guide into the world of brand colour

Red is widely used in fast food chains, so it’s often a colour associated with hunger. It’s also linked to urgency and romance, which makes red an excellent choice for a brand wanting to instil a sense of power, passion and energy.

Yellow is a happy colour that creates a sense of warmth and optimism. It’s easy on the eye and a great choice for a brand wanting to shout creativity, extroversion and intelligence.

Blue is associated with stability and honesty. It’s widely used in the banking and insurance industries. For a brand who wants to convey trust and reliability it’s a good choice.

Purple creates a sense of luxury and elegance. It’s a popular colour in the beauty industry, and a good option for a brand that wants to ooze sophistication and luxury.

Green is the colour of nature and portrays calm and tranquillity. It’s a colour used by eco-friendly brands, and perfect for a brand wanting to demonstrate nature and wellbeing.

Orange evokes enthusiasm and a colour that screams for attention. It’s ideal for a brand who wants to communicate a sense of fun.

White conveys purity and innocence, and is used across the healthcare industry. Fabulous for a brand that wants to portray cleanliness and simplicity.

Black is a great contrasting colour that is a timeless classic and is extensively used across most industries.

For more about the psychology of colour in branding check out this article in Econsultancy.

Designing a brand’s colour palette

When developing a brand’s persona, the use of colour should be carefully thought through. Colour influences buyer perceptions, and can have marked results on consumer behaviour. The colours should work harmoniously together, yet also create impact in all marketing channels including flyers, leaflets, posters, business cards and letterhead printing. This is something to consider when it’s time to design your marketing materials online.

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