It’s easy to focus on digital marketing when you’re trying to grow your small business, but print is still very important. If you want your business card or leaflet to be on display months after you hand it out, print marketing is a great option—it just needs to be done right!

1. Create an eye-catching print design

You can create an eye-catching print design that supports your brand by:

• Using your brand colours, fonts and logos
• Using a consistent message across all marketing materials
• Being consistent with the style, tone and personality of the content on your marketing materials (you may want to consider developing a style guide for this purpose)

2. Don’t forget about the business card

Business cards are a perfect way to get your brand out there. Not only do they serve as an advertisement for you, but they also make a great networking tool. When someone asks you what you do and you’re able to give them a business card, it’s easier for them to remember who you are and how they can reach out with questions or potential projects. Business card printing is incredibly cost effective and a timeless business marketing necessity.

Business cards also provide an opportunity for new customers and clients by making it easy for people to contact you and save time finding new sales or opportunities.

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3. Start thinking about where your print materials will be used

Before you start designing your print materials, you first need to decide where they will be used. For example, if you’re planning on handing leaflets out to passersby on the street, a lighter coloured paper might be a good choice because it won’t fade as quickly from UV rays. If you’re posting them instead, a heavier-weight paper may be better suited for contrast purposes, especially in homes or businesses with low light levels. You could also consider colours such as white or metallic silver for business cards, black ink for brochures, and red ink on certain types of products (think Valentine’s Day).

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