In the new world of digital advertising, some more traditional forms of marketing might seem like an outdated option. However, small and medium-sized businesses can still see huge benefits from printed marketing materials. One particular favourite, is business card printing, is seeing a resurgence in popularity, and with good reason…

A different kind of social networking

Business networking is about making connections. A business card offers a very personal way to approach a potential client or exchange contact information with another business you may wish to work with in the future. Of course, a text or email could be equally functional but is likely to be far more forgettable. Many companies now have extensive mailing lists, so we are bombarded with marketing emails all day, every day. Having a physical business card stands out far more!

A surprisingly affordable tool

If you’re a small business, you’ll need to carefully consider how you spend every penny of your marketing budget. There are many different tools at your disposal, but business cards can be ordered in bulk, meaning they offer great value for money. Our professional printing service means that you can pick up a high-quality card at an exceptional price.

Your chance to make a great first impression

We all know that first impressions are important in a personal context. The same is true of business. When you meet a potential new client, a business card provides the perfect opportunity to impress them. Having a stylish, beautifully designed card that is both memorable and visually appealing is sure to give a positive impression that will stick with them.

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A synchronised solution to match up with your digital marketing

We know that digital marketing tools can be a really powerful way to attract new clients, and maintain relationships with existing ones. However, they are no substitution for a business card when you meet someone in person. After all, in almost all lines of business, you can come across new customers unexpectedly – having a business card to hand can help you exchange information quickly and easily. And of course, there’s nothing to stop you displaying your social media accounts on the card, giving you the best of both worlds.