Graphic design is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It’s what attracts people to your products and services, and it can help you stand out from the crowd. Follow these 4 tips to make sure that your next graphic design project is successful:

Keep it clean and simple

When it comes to marketing, keep it clean and simple. If the design is too busy, your customer will not be able to see all of the information at once.

Use clean lines and don’t overcomplicate your design. Make sure that your text is concise, clear and matches the tone of your overall campaign. Keep images simple and relevant—and remember: less is more! Remember you can always use a design template which is a great way of saving time.

Use contrast to stand out

Our brains are very good at picking up on contrast. We see it everywhere, from the lines that separate traffic lanes to the colours of stop signs and other road markings. Contrast makes an impact, grabs attention and helps your message stand out in a sea of information. Whenever you’re designing graphics for marketing purposes, keep this principle in mind!

Create a brand

Create a brand that is consistent across all your marketing materials. This will help people to associate your brand with an identity. It also gives them an idea of the quality of service or product they can expect from your company.

It’s also important to make sure your logo is easy to recognise as well as easy on the eye. Think about whether it works in different colours or sizes (for instance, printed on paper or embroidered on clothing), at different resolutions and whether it works in black and white as well as in colour.

Use colour psychology

Colour psychology is the study of how colour affects people. If you’re using colour in your branding, it’s important to consider the connotations those colours have. Colours can be grouped into warm (yellow, orange, red) and cool (blue, green) as well as individual colours having their own meanings. The colour red, for example, can be associated with love, passion or danger depending on the context it is used within.

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