Following on from our blog post about 3 Graphic Design Trends That Will Shape 2018, are you ready to refresh your suite of leaflets? Too many of us fall into the trap of just printing, and reprinting, without stopping to think about what we’ve achieved over the past few month or longer. Another pitfall is to completely redesign your flyers and leaflets without a thought for what went before. Here are a few tips to breathe new life into your printed media.
Tip 1 – Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! It’s tempting to decide your look needs freshening up and start from scratch every time, but you could be throwing away some valuable information. Just because something isn’t brand new doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have value – your top sellers are your top sellers for a reason so don’t remove them just for the sake of a new look. Review your publications first and consider what you do like about them as well as what you don’t.
Tip 2 – Don’t make yourself unrecognisable in your leaflet design. Unless you are going for a complete rebrand (and even if you are you still want to be recognisable) keep some branding elements consistent – don’t change your logo, font and colour scheme all at once. Your customers will have brand loyalty and brand recognition, both of which are very valuable so make sure they know it is still your company they are looking at.
Tip 3 – Keep it consistent. It may be that you actually want a range of leaflets to showcase your different products and collections. To start with it’s worth having a generic leaflet design that outlines your products and services, which can then be complemented by something more specific – bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens for example, or the domestic and commercial parts of a cleaning service. If you do decide to go for this option make sure all of your printed leaflets are consistent and look as though they are all part of the same collection. Consistency with formatting and typefaces will go a long way to help with this – and the need for consistency is true across all media, digital as well as print.
See here for a quick guide to getting your brand consistent by Sperling Interactive: IMPORTANCE OF BRAND CONSISTENCY
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