Can a small business make a big noise is this busy world? Well, yes, absolutely! And the new year is the perfect time to do it as we discussed on an earlier blog post: Refresh, Renew, Revamp Your Business For The New Year! – but that doesn’t mean rushing headlong into anything. What January is actually the perfect time for is testing and trying out all the plans and ideas you had at the end of last year, when it was too busy to do anything about them.
Brand presence
Traditionally a quiet time of year, this can work to your advantage. Perhaps it won’t be the biggest sales period of the year, but if it’s a quiet time then your customers are probably quiet too, meaning that now they have time to look harder at what you have created – and you have time to listen to their feedback. Use the time to establish your brand presence the way you want it to be.
Review everything
Review your existing suite of publications. Are they saying what you want? Do they repeat themselves, or are they something of a jigsaw – it will make sense when you’ve out it all together? Review your colour schemes and logo – your suite should be separate and distinct but also cohesive, and each item should be recognisably you. Keep the tone of voice consistent and recognisable too and use high quality printing – you don’t want to look cheap or home made.
What is your message?
Make your message clear and concise. Print media most definitely still has a place and can actually make you stand out from the crowd in a world of overflowing email inboxes, but your potential customers are unlikely to stick with a long essay style piece, even in January when they are looking for distractions! Linch Pin SEO agree that keeping each piece of print media separate with its own focus and message is the way ahead.
Our graphic designers can help you with creating a piece of high quality brochure printing that gets your prime message across, without getting distracted by all the other great things that you can do. It’s tempting to tell everyone everything that you can do, but if each piece is tailored to an audience with a message it will prove far more effective. Call us today at for more information.