There are many great reasons to use a flyer and it can be exciting to get the word out there. In that rush of excitement to promote yourself or your business, it can be easy to make mistakes. Before you embark on your flyer printing endeavours please take a look at some of our helpful tips below

Small text

Using the right text size is crucial. Too big and it looks childish and cluttered, too small and people will struggle to read it. You don’t want people straining their eyes to try and read your message. It’s tempting to use a smaller font as you can get more information on your flyer but you need to avoid that temptation.

Poor quality images

Using low-quality images gives out all of the wrong impressions. It looks terrible and it will mean that people ignore your flyer and therefore your message. Make sure the images that you are using translate well to a flyer and help to promote rather than distract.


A flyer is meant to be a snapshot of information to get the reader interested. Making it too complicated can be the difference between them reading it or throwing it in the bin. You need to grab their attention. The flyer needs to be easy to scan read. Remember to choose a good quality finish of paper when flyer printing as this will make a huge difference.

Bad grammar

If you’re not great with words, then it’s a good idea to ask the help of someone who is. A poorly written flyer gives off an unprofessional look. Proofreading is vital and it’s a great idea to have someone else cast their eyes over it before printing.

Poor choice of colours

Some colours simply don’t work well together. It can be tempting to make your flyer bright and bold but it can end up hurting the eyes. You need to ensure they complement each other, especially when it comes to the text.

Missing information

Many flyers have gone to the printers only to have key information missing. A great example of this is contact info. This would make it much harder for someone to find out more about what you’re promoting.

If you’re sure that you have the perfect idea for a flyer then the next step is to turn your ideas into reality. Here we can help you produce a brilliant flyer and if you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll make all the right impressions. For all your high quality flyer printing needs, get in touch