We are only a few months into the year, but are you already becoming bored of the same four walls? Office interiors are usually not the most interesting, and as a place which is primarily for employees to immerse themselves in their work, maybe this is with good reason.
But boardrooms, smaller offices and receptions can always do with a spruce up – after all, these are the areas that companies host visitors such as potential and existing clients, suppliers, and job candidates. Canvas prints are an effective way to do this, and here we look at some famous, and in some cases quirky, options for a professional environment.
1. Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset
Are you a company with a brand ethos that screams long-term vision and is constantly evolving? What better way to depict this sentiment in the work place than with Kyle Krause’s Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset, an outstanding piece of photographic art which encourages the beholder to look forward to a brighter future.
2. Panda with Guns
Are you a quirky, cool, creative agency that likes to think outside the box? Then your office should say this about you. The replica of Banksy’s famous Panda with Guns is eye-catching and fun – perfect for an organisation that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
3. Swilcan Bridge at St Andrews
Sport is a massive industry these days, encompassing a huge sector that branches into marketing, sponsorship, finance and event management. If your firm works in sports, your office should bring to life your passion for it, and not many prints do this better than a photo of the iconic Swilcan Bridge at golf’s St Andrews venue. Hundreds of famous golfers have walked over the bridge on their way to the 18th tee at the Old Course, and the stunning setting is just as attractive for those with no interest in sport whatsoever.
4. Booker T Washington famous quote
“Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having, except as a result of hard work,” famously said the 19th century politician, Booker T Washington (Booker T. Washington Biography.) As with Washington’s words, quotes can be beautifully transcribed and printed onto canvas, serving as a motivational tool for your employees.
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