Here at, we offer top-quality poster printing, because we believe that posters are one of the most powerful forms of advertising available to local businesses and start-ups. They are eye-catching, they convey information quickly and effectively, and – if they are positioned wisely – they can be seen by hundreds or thousands of people every day.
However, printed posters have to be dominated by eye-catching images, which means that you can only include a limited amount of textual information in your poster design. It’s therefore essential to choose the information you want to put on your poster very carefully. In fact, the business advice website Chron states that the first thing you should do when creating a poster is “identify the broad purpose and vital information the poster must convey”. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble deciding what information to include, though. We’ve come up with a simple checklist you can use to ensure your poster design contains the right information.
1. Branding
People who see your poster need to know who you are. There’s no point advertising your products or services if you don’t make it clear that you’re the one offering them! Every poster you produce should include the name of your business and, if you have one, your slogan or tag-line. You can reinforce the connection to your business by using your company’s livery for the poster’s colour scheme. This allows you to supplement the textual information that tells your customers who you are without adding extra text.
2. Purpose and USPs
If you are advertising a particular product or service, you need to include its unique selling points. If you are advertising your business as a whole, you need to sum up what you do and explain why you’re superior to your rivals. In either case, this information needs to be condensed into a short, snappy sentence that can be included on your poster design without taking up too much valuable space. We recommend writing down your USPs (or your business’s functions) and then trying to rephrase them in a shorter, snappier way.
3. Purchasing details
Individuals who see your poster need to know where they can buy your products or services. If you’re a local business, include your physical address on the poster. If you take orders by phone, include your phone number. If you’re an online business, include your web-address. It’s vital that your provide viewers with a way to become customers.
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When you’re happy with the information on your poster and its overall design, check out our poster printing options at today