Business cards are one of the most important marketing and networking tools in any professional person’s arsenal. According to the website ‘Credit Donkey’, over 27 million new business cards are printed every day. Moreover, for every 2000 cards a business hands out, sales jump by 2.5%, making them indispensable to small business owners. If you’re considering having business cards printed, you may be unsure whether to opt for a basic design (which may not reflect your business’s brand) or pay a designer to create a custom business card (which might cost hundreds of pounds). But did you know that there’s another option? You can create beautiful custom business cards using online templates. But is this option right for you?
1. Branding
Designing your own business card using an online template allows you to create something that reflects your brand identity. If your business is very utilitarian, you may feel that you don’t require on-brand business cards. However, if you need to create a business card with a strong, on-brand visual identity, online business card templates are a great option for you.
2. Cost
Creating a custom business card using an online template can be slightly more expensive than having generic business cards printed, but it’s still much cheaper than hiring a designer. If you operate a very large business, you may not be concerned about the cost of hiring a designer. Business card printing is a cost effective and highly powerful marketing tool and their design can be created without breaking the bank. Most SME owners and freelancing professionals want to save money without sacrificing style. Using an online template to create an elegant, personalised business card instead of paying for a designer is a superb way to do this.
3. Versatility
If you need a business card with a very specific design, there’s a small chance that you won’t be able to find a template that matches your requirements. Nonetheless, many online printing companies offer hundreds of different business card design templates. As such, most business owners and professionals should take the time to search for one that suits them.
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Practically everyone can benefit from custom business cards. While cards that have been designed using an online template may not be suitable for a small number of individuals, here at Print UK we believe they are the best option for most professionals. That’s why we offer a huge range of business card templates. Start browsing them today.