When you’re distributing lots of flyers and leaflets, you want the audience to take specific actions. The design of your flyers and leaflets will influence the success of your campaigns. While there’s no universal design that will guarantee results, there are specific graphic design secrets you can use.
So, if you’re looking to promote your small business with some flyers and leaflets, think about the following.
1. Function Over Form
The first thing to remember is that while you might want to create the next masterpiece, your audience are unlikely to see it that way. Therefore, while designing leaflets and flyers, you need to keep at the forefront of your mind what you want them to do. Flyer and leaflet printing is a great and cost effective way of getting your message across to your customers and potential new clients.
You should also stick to one desired action per leaflet. This helps to prevent confusion with your audience.
2. Be Concise
An understated flyer can be the best design for your small business. It allows you to direct audiences to the copy you want them to read, and it isn’t too bold or too wordy that you lose a potential customer.
Instead, you should create a look that’s as simple as it is beautiful. Try using a black and white colour scheme with one area of bold colour, such as teal, mustard or mint green. This use of one colours prevents the leaflet from being dull and bland. If you are struggling to design a flyer or leaflet why not try one of our leaflet design templates.
3. Tell The Audience What They Need To Do
One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make in their leaflet design, is to not tell the reader what the next step is. Whether you want them to visit you at an event, go to your website, or call and make an order, you need a call-to-action to tell them exactly what to do next.
A good call to action must:
• Say what action is required.
• Suggest urgency to completing the action.
• Give ownership to the reader.
4. Logo Placement
While it might be tempting to get your logo seen first, you want the audience to see this last. Their first thoughts about your leaflet should be about the amazing offer that has been presented to them, not who is sending it.
Logos are great for the middle of the bottom of your leaflet. But they can also be placed in either bottom corner of your leaflet design.
Audiences appreciate well-designed leaflet and flyers. If you can create the perfect design, you can see customers come to you.
Speak to the professionals at PrintUK.com about your leaflet and flyer design today, and see your campaigns return great results.