Business cards are essential tools for small business owners and upcoming professionals. They help you network and provide prospective clients and contacts with a convenient, portable reminder of you. The website AZCentral states that “a business card can be critical to the development of your small business” . However, business cards are much smaller than other forms of printed advertising. As a result, it’s important to make the most of the space available. In this blog entry, we’ll tell you how.
1. Utilise contrasting colours
The small size of business cards makes it impossible to use large images or pieces of text. However, you can emphasise the most important parts of your business card’s design simply by contrasting colours. A colour scheme that utilises contrasting colours will also make your printed business card more eye-catching, meaning that recipients are more likely to look at it again once you’ve given it to them.
Interestingly, colour stimulates the parts of the brain associated with decisive action. Why not try putting information (such as your contact details) in red to make recipients more likely to contact you?
2. Strip out superfluous information
You should avoid crowding your business card with too much information. High quality business card printing will loose their professional look if they are cluttered and information can’t be easily read. If there’s an excessive amount of text on your business card, none of it will actually stand out. That’s why we suggest limiting yourself to your name, the name of your business and your telephone number or website address. If necessary, you can also include a tag-line that will remind recipients of what your business does. However, it’s best not to include descriptions of your services or long addresses, as these take up too much space. Remember that your business card is there to remind customers and contacts of the services you offer- they can find detailed information about you elsewhere.
3. Put a single image on the back
If you want to use an image other than your logo on your business card, don’t try to cram it onto the front alongside textual information. Instead, put it on the back of the business card where it can really stand out. An image that isn’t obstructed by text can really communicate your business’ ideals and style. Don’t worry – your recipients will view both sides of the card, so don’t feel that you have to put everything on one surface.
For more on printed business cards take a read of the article: Importance of Business Cards, on AZ Central.
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