Business cards are a core element of business marketing. They have stood the test of time, even as email addresses and websites have become such important marketing tools. But why is this? What do business cards bring to the table that digital alternatives don’t?
The Personal Touch
A mutual exchange of business cards is a staple of traditional business encounters. The ending of a conversation with a firm handshake and exchange of business cards is universal, and the exchange of email addresses has failed to take over. When you swap email addresses in person, there just isn’t the same level of interactivity that you get with a business card. They are usually impersonal business email addresses, while a business card can be kept and is interesting to look at – it can even lead to a conversation about the design of the card.
Making You Look Professional
It may seem superficial, but there is no doubt that carrying business cards and handing them out after a conversation sends the right message to potential customers/clients. A business card that is well designed speaks of your high professional standards, making you come across as well-prepared. Business card printing is an absolute must for all professionals and shouldn’t be overlooked by digital alternatives.
This simply isn’t the case with an email address that reads something akin to This is such a standard format that it will never communicate high standards; it is empty and soulless, and the well-designed business card wins every time. They give a great first impression that will last.
Direct marketing
When you speak to a person, you will know if they are interested in your business. If they are, you give them a business card, and you know you have a potential lead. Email lists may have a greater reach, but only a tiny percentage of your subscribers are likely to become customers. Furthermore, an interested party is more likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues, and business cards are easy to pass around during networking.
Everyone involved in any kind of business should carry their own well-designed business cards. They are extremely practical, and will always trump writing down an email address on a napkin or in a phone. So if you haven’t already got a winning business card in your pocket, or you want to redesign your existing card, our business cards printing service is here to help.