We’ve all seen them – funky offices with pods, slides and breakout areas. We can’t promise to install a fireman’s pole in your workplace, but we can offer an inexpensive makeover that will personalise your walls: canvas prints.
Art for productivity
Canvas prints don’t just connect to your customers on an emotional level, making them feel comfortable in your office. Art has also been shown to be a useful tool to unlock the creativity and productivity of your workforce. Help to generate innovative ideas by producing inspirational canvas prints that improve your employees’ work experience: in one employee survey, 83% of employees said that artwork was important for their work environment it’s well worth having a read, check out the article here: How incorporating art into workplace design can affect employee wellness, job performance, and best represent your brand. With our canvas prints, you’ll stimulate ideas and provide a calm and beautiful work environment.
Personalise your roll call wall
You can produce a fun and funky roll call wall quickly and easily using canvas prints. Opt for photographs or ask our in-house graphic design team to come up with ideas that are fresh and cartoony. If you want to introduce your team in a modern and effective way, opt for a roll call wall of canvas prints.
Celebrate your successes
At PrintUK.com we can work with you to celebrate those successful moments by capturing them on canvas. Imagine a wall covered in canvas prints that set out graphically who you are and what you’ve achieved as a company. We can work with your own photos to produce a record of success that you’ll be proud to share with staff and customers.
Engage employees
Brighten up that boring breakout area with canvas printing of employee generated art. Blow up prints from the office party or stage a competition for the best office photographer and then immortalise their work in a canvas print. Our graphic designers can suggest ideas for combining photography and word art for inspirational prints. And you can hang them anywhere – lining your walls with employee generated art is a clever way to promote your company culture.
Whether you want to use canvas prints for promotion or inspiration, contact us at PrintUK.com today and we’ll work with you to make your ideas a reality.