Online businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts solely on online strategies and techniques, with many companies not giving much consideration to leaflet distribution and other print advertising approaches. In this post, we will explore the ways in which printed leaflets can benefit online businesses too…
Reach people you may not have been able to otherwise
Distributing high quality printed leaflets offers an exceptional way of pointing people in the direction of your website and other online platforms, such as your Facebook or Twitter page. The emergence of both online and offline platforms is the most powerful solution. When you send leaflets to people, you can raise awareness about your website and your products and services, encouraging them to visit your site. You will reach people you may not have been able to through online channels. You may even want to consider including a QR code on the leaflet, so the recipient can scan the code on their smartphone and be directed to one of your platforms.
A great strategy for small businesses
It is likely that you will have already embraced local SEO and other effective online strategies. However, print marketing is much more effective regarding targeted campaigns, as you will be able to distribute the leaflets to a specific area; the area in which you offer your services. Of course, you can target your print marketing efforts in other ways, i.e., through sending leaflets to specific businesses. For instance, if you run a website selling stationery, you may wish to send leaflets to offices and schools. Leaflet printing is also a relatively low cost way of raising brand awareness, vital to the success of your business.
Make your business stand out
Finally, you can also make sure that your online business stands out from the crowd. Leaflets can also help your business to appear more legitimate and trustworthy while a lot of people respond better to something that is tangible, as they can go back to it at a later date. A leaflet will create much more of a lasting impression than an online banner would.
As you can see, leaflet distribution is just as important for online businesses as Internet marketing, so make the most of it. For cheap, high quality printed leaflets contact us at