If you’ve started up a business in the UK this year, you’re certainly not alone. According to government figures, 581,000 new companies were registered in the UK last year and this record is set to be broken in 2015. Some 600,000 startups are expected to launch, as an increasing number of people embrace their entrepreneurial side and enter self-employment.
But with so many new businesses entering the market and many of them competing for the same custom, not every company will thrive. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of startups fail to survive their first two years. Only those that are well-conceived, marketed correctly, properly funded and intelligently managed are likely to put down roots for the long term and claim market share.
stationery printingEnsuring your startup succeeds
As a startup founder, the question to ask yourself is: how can you make your business stand out from the crowd? In the digital age, consumers are looking for greater value at a lower cost, and companies need to work harder than ever to secure their custom. In order for businesses to drive revenue, they not only need to offer excellent products and services, they need to market themselves effectively. This is a key priority for any new company.
Very often, startup founders are highly time-pressed, given the number of tasks they have ongoing. They need to invest man-hours in product development, sales, finance, administration, customer service and marketing, and there may not be a team of employees to share the load. It’s certainly unlikely that there will be a full-time marketing professional on the books, someone whose sole responsibility is to advertise the business. One of the dangers is that advertising and promotional work gets overlooked in favour of more immediately pressing duties.
How the specialists can help
This is where it can pay dividends to outsource marketing tasks to a graphic design and printing specialist. Getting an expert to design your startup’s website, create corporate brochures, design eye catching flyers, business cards and other printed promotional materials can be a great move. It not only relieves the time pressure on you, as the startup founder, but it ensures a high quality, professional job is done.
Ultimately, for a new business to thrive – whether online or offline – it needs to impress consumers. High-quality, bespoke printing and promotional items help create the right impression – one of a company people want to buy from. This can help attract custom and ensure exciting new businesses can be built from solid foundations.
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