Despite the advances in social media and digital influences which affect businesses globally, print marketing remains an essential element of marketing endeavors. You probably think its “old fashioned” or out of date but be assured this is not the case. Marketing is the lifeblood of any start up but it’s easier to achieve than it seems. In a competitive sphere where everyone is trying to shout out the loudest it might seem hard to be heard over everyone else. But that’s where printed marketing materials can come into their own.
Branded Office Stationery
Professional high quality letterhead printing, envelopes and compliment slips can make a huge difference to how people portray your business. Investing in these branded items will immediately create the sense of legitimacy and trust around your business. Every business needs to mail things whether it be sales brochures, invoices, reviews, to HR documents, the list is endless but ultimately having your own professional printed stationery is key to making a strong impact.
High quality printed folders are a fantastic way to keep documents in check but also allows your employees and prospects to use the folder repeatedly. Presenting documents in an attractive branded folder featuring your logo can be very influential. A folder can be used for a variety of different purposes, including pitches, trade show handouts and sales. If you are attending trade shows to your pitching your products and services you can use the folder to create a media or press kit.
Business Cards
Getting people to follow you and your business on social media platforms is great and it is important however the noble business card is probably one of the best investments for a start-up, or any business for that matter.
Business cards are essential for any business but especially for start-ups and SMEs who are required to network in order to increase their customer and supplier base. You never know when you may meet a potential new customer so having business cards to exchange is essential. Attaching business cards to direct mailers, leaflets and invoices shows professionalism but also acts a form of marketing and ultimately means your customer has a visual on your contact details.
Ensure your business cards are of a high quality and design. Be sure to include your branding, logo and all essential information prospects need in order to contact you. Remember you can always use the back of the card too, this is a great space for marketing your business when done correctly.
Brochures and Leaflets
Producing high quality brochure printing can be an effective way to give more details about the products and services you offer. Your brochure should be professional and leave your customers and potential new clients with a more detailed understanding about your business and make them feel like they can trust you and your services or products.
Flyers are a very important marketing tool as they allow you to include a lot of information about your company without being as overwhelming as a booklet. You are able to attract attention with engaging images and designs and limited text yet still getting your message across. When designer your flyer make sure your logo and contact details are visible with clear calls to action to give them a reason to contact you!
The key to the success of using printed marketing materials is integrating print alongside your online marketing endeavors. One cannot solely work without the other. High quality, well designed marketing materials are essential to start-ups and SMEs and should meet the needs of your customers and potential new clients. For high quality, cheap printed products visit