All marketing campaigns have the same simple goals; find customers, get sales and make money. Making a good ROI (Return on Investment) is essential, and below we have four ways that you can maximise your ROI, for campaign success with printed marketing.
1. Target the right people
Making sure that you hit the right target audience with your print campaign is essential. There are many ways you can do this. You can send direct mail to existing customers, or hand out flyers and leaflets at events and conferences that your desired audience are likely to attend. Flyer printing is a very cost effective way to transfer information over to your customer and potential new clients. There is little point in spending money marketing to people who have no use or interest in your product.
2. Make sure your print is eye-catching
There is no excuse for boring designs, especially with online print design templates readily available from some print companies. Your design needs to be vibrant and colourful with a clear offer and headline. Be sure to incorporate your company colours for branding and recognition and always use high quality printing for a professional feel.
3. Be relevant and interesting
Your offer or news needs to be relevant. There is no use in advertising Christmas products in the summer, for example. By keeping your advertising relevant and interesting, you encourage people to act right away. Otherwise, they are likely to lose or throw away your information long before they actually need it.
4. Make it easy for customers to get in touch
Your call to action needs to be clear and compelling. Give customers a strong reason to contact you immediately. The best way to do this is usually a compelling offer, deal or discount. You should also make sure that it is completely obvious how to get in touch, so be it via telephone, online or in person, the customer knows exactly what to do next.
If your business is ready to start a print marketing campaign, with a strong ROI, then contact today. We have a large volume of printed products and easy to use design templates so why not order online today!