Personal branding is one of the hot SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) trends for 2017. Having a personal, individual, unique brand helps market your business in multiple ways and therefore it should be included in your search engine optimisation strategy if you want higher domain and website rankings. Personal branding involves building an individual personality and image used for marketing and advertising. It’s similar to company branding but it is focused on individual employees through the use of business cards and other media, rather than the company as a whole. You effectively become another outlet for your business brand and encompass the brand advocacy role.
Four benefits of personal branding
Why go to the trouble of designing and running one or more personal brands? Let’s walk through some of the benefits.
1. You become the expert in your field and you’re able to use your authorship to market the business. Facebook gives more weight to personal content rather than company content and more organisations are expected to follow suit of using the largest social media network in the future.
2. Having personal brands is an excellent way of increasing your reach. You can have more than one per company, each individual author is able to grow their own audience, increasing the total reach of the business as a result.
3. Building user trust is easier with individual brands. Modern consumers are naturally distrusting of corporations. Personal branding gives them a face, a personality and a name that they are more likely to identify with especially if you give out your personal mobile number and direct email address rather than the typical generic contact details. The customers are able to build stronger bonds with the individual, becoming loyal and trusting clients. Ultimately, trust and loyalty results in more sales and grows the business.
4. Market towards each segment of your audience with personal branding and print. Create a personal brand for each segment and target them using individual social media profiles. You need to identify buyers based on their needs and wants. For example if you’re a design agency or graphic designer and you seem to work heavily in one particular sector then target your personal branding for that sector. For instance create business cards solely for graphic designing within the law sector if that’s the clientele you’re targeting, this makes the marketing more personable and more directed for the clients needs which will likely prove to increase conversion rates.
Be unique and relatable
Starting a personal brand is not complicated and it’s inexpensive. Create individual brands for yourself and your chosen employees who are happy to be themselves and be advocates for the company. This will help market the company whilst developing personal reputations for your employees. To be successful, each individual brand needs to begin posting content and working on social media marketing and printing to engage with the audience on a regular basis, remember to integrate.
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