Summer is a great time to shake up your marketing strategy and let the sun shine down on your brand! Here are our top tips:
1 – Freebies
What’s the one thing we can all be certain that consumers love? Free stuff. So, this summer, why not make the most of that key piece of intel? Giving away promotional material is a great way to get your brand noticed and loved at the same time. Branded T-shirts, footballs, bottle openers and even flip flops are all great ideas to consider for those summery vibes.
2 – Hashtag
Hashtags in the past have been known to make or break marketing campaigns in a huge way. Make sure yours is snappy, relevant and not too long or arduous to type on a smart phone! Studies have shown that the best performing hashtags are just six characters long; can you come up with your own fun, summery play on words? Read more on the perfect hashtag.
3 – Flyers
Flyers or leaflets are being doled out on every street corner in the summer, so you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Using one of our expert designs and perfect flyer and leaflet printing at is a great start! Make sure you pay attention to your street team too; opt for brightly coloured clothing and big smiles to grab the attention of passers by. Another thing that almost guarantees the success of a flyer is a coupon code, so try and factor one of those into your design! Read more here about why leaflet distribution works in growing and developing your brand.
4 – Competitions
Whether these are hosted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a Blog, a summer competition is a sure-fire way to gather a greater social media following and get the word out about your brand. Think about giving away tickets to the hottest festival of the season or a month’s supply of your most summery product! If you still need convincing, here are four incredibly convincing reasons to use competitions as part of your marketing: Contest Marketing.
5 – Stickers
Stickers are often key to viral marketing. Make them engaging and colourful; the more shares on social media, the better! Stickers make a great alternative to posters, they’re smaller so you can put them absolutely anywhere. Head to our sticker printing page for some bright ideas!