Folders are a constant companion at trade shows, conferences and presentations. Generally utilised to hold further corporate information, annual reports, product flyers and similar written material, the folder generally serves as a polished cover to house important intelligence. Although folders fulfil this function remarkably well, the reality is that they can also perform spectacularly well in a range of other capacities. Take a look at how today’s advanced folder printing techniques can transform your folders into powerful marketing tools.
Spreading good news
Chances are that at the moment your folder is fronted by the corporate logo and maybe a motto. Why not take the opportunity to display some timely good news about your profits, customer service or maybe a recent award instead? Updating your front cover and getting some fresh folder printing done periodically ensures your material is always fresh and engaging. Your audience will certainly respond positively if the first thing they see is evidence of your worth.
Have you thought about graphics?
It’s well known that a picture is worth a thousand words, but are your folders still disappointingly plain? Contemporary graphic design techniques can give your folder printing an exciting new look and innovative use of your logo could mean your audience remember your material for all the right reasons, long after competitors’ offerings have been forgotten.
Leave your customers with something special
Folders make a wonderfully discreet option for holding invoices, receipts or any other potentially confidential information. Why not use them to house guarantees, warranties or other information your client needs to keep hold of? Not only would a robust holder be useful, but taking the time to update your folder printing to incorporate contact details is a great way of ensuring that when the time comes to repair or replace a product, your customers know where to find you.
A growing number of businesses are discovering that modern folder printing opens up a wealth of exciting possibilities for creative marketing. If you’ve previously limited your folders to their basic role, why not use to get them redesigned to form a prominent, engaging part of your successful marketing strategy?