Your business card is often the first impression you make on potential clients and business contacts. It’s a reflection of your work and helps to convey your image. Here are a few tips on how to use your business card to make a lasting impression and build relationships that can help your business grow.

Incorporate a QR code or SKU

You can place a QR code or SKU on your business card! This is a great way to make your card more interactive and informative. Your potential customers can scan the QR code to learn more about your company, or they can use the SKU to purchase your products or services online.

Make it more memorable

You can do a few things to make your business card more memorable. First, make sure it is eye-catching and visually appealing. Use high-quality paper and print in full colour. Consider using special features like raised printing or foil stamping. Secondly, include all the essential information on your cards, such as your name, title, company name, and contact information. Use clear, easy-to-read font. Finally, add a personal touch by including a photo or a handwritten note.

Get your cards into the right hands

One way to do this is to target specific events or groups your ideal customers or clients are likely to attend. You can also leave your cards in high-traffic areas where potential customers or clients are likely to see them. Another option is to give your cards to people you know who are likely to come into contact with your target customers or clients. By taking a strategic approach to distributing your business cards, you can ensure that they’ll end up in the right hands and that you’ll get a greater return on your investment.

Follow up on your cards

If you’ve recently handed out business cards, follow up with the people you’ve given them to. A quick phone call or email can make all the difference in building a relationship with a potential client or customer. Don’t let your cards collect dust – use them to further your business goals!

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