It may sound insignificant, but adding the little extra touches to your business cards, flyers or leaflets before printing really can make a difference.
In a world where anyone can go on the internet and order business cards, printed flyers, posters, brochures, leaflets, letterheads and stationery, for everything from dog walking, to freelance singing, to DIY services, there are literally billions of different print design templates and cards out there. Most of them, however, are the usual plain white card or paper, with one or two colours and perhaps a generic image. So how do you make sure yours get the attention your business deserves, and don’t just blend into the background with all the others?
Try going for a glossy finish with your flyers to make the item feel nice in the hand and catch the light. Glossy flyers are great for businesses that want to dazzle and don’t want to fade into the background. Or how about an embossed or metallic foil finish on your business cards, for those companies with a bit of glamour and sparkle? This could give you the edge if you want clients to see yours as a premium service.
Images and template
Perhaps a custom image or layout in your flyer printing could really display the distinct personality of your business and show that you have somebody or something different to offer? If you have any images that are personal to your company, use them! It’s much better than resourcing stock photos that will be generic to so many companies.
Similarly, when you see two businesses using exactly the same template, it can be confusing. Show your clients that you are willing to put in the time it takes to pay attention to the details, and go for bespoke design printing to make your publicity material totally unique. This gives the impression of truly high quality printing, especially if you get some advice. There are loads of options available if you want to use your own design online.
Stand out from the crowd of companies
Any of these extra touches can mean the difference between a client picking up your printed flyer or binning it, or between reading your brochure in full and just walking right by your poster on the wall. If your business card, flyer print, brochure or leaflet isn’t read, there is no point in printing it at all.
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Don’t underestimate the importance of these unique ideas. If the few extra pounds or minutes spent now earn you even one new client, they are more than worth it. Check out our wide range of flyer printing and flyer design options including embossed, spot gloss, foil metallic and many more now.