It’s one of the oldest forms of advertising around, yet flyers are not going away any time soon. That’s because simply printing out high impact flyers and circulating them amongst your target market is both a time and cost effective way to bring in new business and retain existing customers.
Still not convinced? Here are four great reasons to give out flyers:
• Cost
Compared to just about any other form of advertising, flyers are extremely cost effective. Depending on the sort of paper stock you wish to use and the sort of printing you want to do (lithographic or digital), the price can vary, but it will almost certainly be more economical and carry a higher level of ROI (Return on investment) than advertising in the paper and definitely more economical than radio, TV or billboards. It will probably reach more people too.
• Simplicity
Getting your message to the people is as easy as putting one of your team on the street and simply handing the flyer to those in your target demographic. No TV time, advertising space, clever advertising hook or viral marketing required! If you can get a highly impactful, graphically based designed flyer into the hands of a person they will naturally look at it and read it. Marketeers still enforce the use of flyers because you can catch a longer attention span from the potential customer, its low cost and can be a highly targeted form of advertising. For more ideas checkout this article from the marketing university: 7 Tips to using flyers as one of your small Business Marketing ideas.
• People read them
The main reason that flyers continue to endure as one of the most popular forms of marketing for small businesses is that they really work. A large font layout with easy to understand information will allow the receiver of your flyer to take in the required information in a few seconds. If they are interested, they can keep the flyer to remind them of your product, service, sale or special offer in future – resulting in excellent long-term potential. Checkout this great article/checklist of how to make your flyer stand out from the crowd:
• You don’t need to be a marketing whizz
If you can’t afford to, or would prefer not to, pay for fancy marketing campaigns, flyers are a great option. The simpler your flyer is the better but do remember to add your contact details and colour to capture the attention of people your passing them out to. Don’t complicate the design and try not to fill the flyer with too many words you won’t need any elaborate techniques to get your point across.
As you can see, there are lots of good reasons why flyers remain so prevalent amongst companies of every size. If you are interested in adopting flyers as part of your marketing drive, contact today. As the best leaflet and flyer printing service in London, we’ll make sure your flyers give your company the professional sheen you need to really push your products. If your stuck for inspiration checkout our design templates online.