There’s no denying the importance placed on digital marketing these days, but as is often the case with many organisations, there can be a disconnect between online and offline marketing efforts. It can sometimes seem that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. So how do you make sure your online and offline marketing campaigns carry the same message? With high quality printing, of course!
Get social
The simplest way to ensure your customers are aware you’re on social media is to clearly display social media icons and URLs on your printed materials. Make space for your social media information on business cards, flyers, and brochures, with a CTA (call to action) to like or follow you. If you’re running an event, make sure you include a hashtag on all invites, banners and posters.
Mobile check-in
If you run a bricks and mortar business, you might consider offering rewards to customers when they check in via sites like Foursquare, or through Facebook. The simplest way to share this deal is with a high quality poster or flyer.
Business card? Think outside the box
Business cards can be used for so much more than sharing your contact information. Why not use the cards to share a discount code? Simply attach the business card to the front of your direct mail brochure for a low cost way to bring your marketing materials up-to-date. Here you can read more about the ways high quality printing can add value to your direct mail.
Promote your app with a QR code
Promoting your app or mobile site can be notoriously difficult – how do you reach people through all the noise? While potential customers may be accustomed to seeing digital ads in digital settings, by moving the ad offline with a QR code, you will create new ways to reach your target audience. QR codes can be incorporated into all print materials – from posters to business cards – and will help to drive traffic in a way that is easy to track. You can ask Print UK and we will generate a QR code for free or if you want a free site to use is: (
Whatever your message is online it should be the same message offline to keep all your company branding, values and advertising uniformed. This is the new world of cross-media (multi-channel) marketing so when you are discussing your next project, look at it from the big scale i.e. How can we get this message out through digital mediums and how can we make it work as part of a brochure or direct mail campaign. If you can successfully couple both online and offline marketing together you will quickly see a boost in how effective your campaign is as a whole, because the online marketplace targets a very different set of potential customers than an offline marketplace.
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