The digital age has introduced businesses all over the world to various new marketing techniques. From social media ads to emails, there are endless routes to take to get your company name out there. Yet when it comes down to it, direct mail and printed marketing often has better results. Many people find that they are more likely to trust direct mail than adverts they see online or emails they receive. Here are four reasons why.
1. It’s Personal
Receiving post is quite a personal thing, far more personal than the crowded email inbox where much communication gets lost or ignored. Receiving a direct piece of marketing, particularly in a named and addressed printed envelope, grabs a customer’s attention and makes them feel as though they’ve been reached out to personally. Even brochures, leaflets or flyers from a business they recognise has a strong element of trust.
2. It’s not intrusive
Although you are effectively landing right on their doormat, direct mail is generally not considered intrusive. This is because the customer will look at their mail when they are ready to, with no pressure. Many forms of online marketing involve popping up when they are not expecting it, which can have less impact.
3. It demonstrates making an effort
There is more involved in designing, printing and posting a direct mail piece than sending an email. A high quality printed flyer does not need to break the bank but can be a very effective form of marketing material. Customers will recognise this effort and see you as a company that is professional and efficient. This positive perspective leads to trust in your brand, and a strong reputation.
4. It shows you care
Direct mail doesn’t have to just be about sending specific marketing pieces. It can be more subtle than that, little signs that you care about your customers while reminding them you’re still around. For example, sending postcards over the summer, or Christmas cards in December, can really make customers feel appreciated. This only leads to an even more positive reputation and level of trust.
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