It’s now easier than ever to design and print your own personalised business promotional materials. Cheap printing of leaflets, brochures, posters, business cards, etc, means that all businesses have the ability to promote their brand.

But, when designing your printed promotional materials, it’s essential you ensure you display unified branding.
What is unified branding?
Unified branding is, quite simply, keeping your brand identity consistent across your printed promotional materials and your online presence. For example, if you hand a customer a leaflet and a brochure, will they able to tell at a glance that they both represent your business?
Unified branding is essential because it helps to establish and build an all-important brand identity. When customers feel they know you and they can recognise your brand, they will be more inclined to shop with you.

Printed Promotional Materials
Keeping your printed promotional materials unified is incredibly important when building brand recognition and building trust around your business. Someone should be able to instantly identify your business from all your printed materials. Brochure printing is vital to the success of your marketing strategy by providing information about the products and services you offer. First impressions count. A brochure helps maintain relationships with clients and potential new customers. Incorporate your unique style, graphic design and branding into a high quality and professional brochure for your business.
How do you achieve it?
Unified branding can be achieved in a variety of different ways. The goal is to ensure your brand identity is consistent, so before you design online, make some key decisions.
Choose your brand colour scheme. These are the colours that will make you instantly recognisable. Pick colours that are eye-catching and appealing, but not overly dazzling. A consistent colour scheme is essential for customers to be able to recognise your brand at a glance.
Formatting matters. Choose roughly two preferred fonts – one for headings, and another for body text. You can afford to show stylistic flair with script-inspired text for headings, but body text needs to be as easy to read as possible. Keep it scalable – it should be easy to read on a business card, as well as a billboard.
Tone is an often forgotten aspect of brand identity, as many get carried away with the more visual and tangible aspects. Decide on the voice of your brand – are you a more relaxed and accessible business? Or do you want to present a more formal image?
Show your brand appeal
Thanks to high quality online printing services it’s now easy and affordable to have custom printing done in a flash. If you feel brochure printing is the next element needed as part of your promotional material contact the experts at today!