If you run a business that operates on the national level, you may think that print-based marketing isn’t right for you. Printed adverts and marketing materials are often associated with local marketing campaigns. As a result, you may not realise that they can be used to reach consumers across the nation. Print-based advertising is actually very effective at reaching prospective customers and clients on a larger scale. Its performance is on par with digital and radio advertising, but its cost is usually lower. We will examine three ways you can use printed adverts and marketing materials to reach consumers who aren’t local.
1. Deploy Posters In Transit-based Locations
Custom-sized posters can be placed in a huge variety of locations where thousands of people can see them every day. We recommend deploying posters at bus stops and train stations so that they are seen by commuters, and on roadside billboards where they are likely to be viewed by motorists. Different people will pass by or through these deployment spots every single day. This means that your posters could be viewed by people from around the UK, even if you only deploy them at a handful of bus-stops, train stations and roadsides. If you deploy posters around town centres, they may only be seen by individuals who are local to those towns. However, if you deploy them in places where people arrive from different locales throughout the country, they can reach a much wider range of consumers. High quality poster printing can be an incredibly cost effective form of advertising and can be effective for businesses of all sizes.
2. Use national Mailing Lists For Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct mail advertising campaigns are great to reach potential customers using printed materials, such as brochures and leaflets. Brochure printing and leaflet printing will not break the bank but can have a high ROI. You don’t just have to send mail to local consumers whose addresses you can obtain yourself. According to the small business website Chron, you can “rent a mailing list from a specialist firm”. You can easily rent or buy a mailing list that includes prospective customers from every part of the country. Ensuring you send your printed marketing material to the right target audience however is key if you want to ensure you make new customers and high conversion rate from your direct mailing endeavors.
3. Use Flyers Ambitiously
Flyers are simple, lightweight and very easy to produce. All of this means that you can produce enough of them to distribute across the country without going over your budget. Flyer Printing is cheap yet very effective as a printed marketing material and should not be overlooked. Flyers are usually used in local advertising campaigns, but there’s no reason why you can’t hire people to distribute them in towns and cities across the UK.
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