When it comes to the graphic design of your company literature i.e. leaflets to annual reports, choosing the right colour palette is very important. Colour can heavily influence people’s spending habits and behaviour.
If you look around at established business brands in a variety of sectors, you’ll notice a pattern of colour selection emerging, and even ready-made leaflet design templates offered by printing companies adhere to industry standards.
Blue is said to emphasise loyalty, reliability and stability. It’s a popular choice with leisure firms, travel agencies and holiday companies, and not surprisingly is the colour of choice for anything to do with sailing or water-based activities.
Red inspires feelings of speed, excitement and vitality. It’s used for promoting special deals or sales and is also the choice for fast food restaurant chains.
Yellow evokes feelings of happiness, sunshine and warmth. It’s a popular choice for holiday companies, bars and clubs.
Orange is said to promote feelings of energy, confidence, optimism, trust and ambition. It’s a really popular choice with companies in the social communication, technology and e-commerce fields.
Pink is widely regarded as a ‘girly’ colour and as such is popular with companies promoting goods and services aimed at a female customer base.
The most commonly selected colour for environmental, health and nature-related businesses is green. It’s also associated with money, wealth and growth. Companies offering organic, eco-friendly and ‘green’ products and services almost always use green as their main base colour.
Purple is seen as indicative of wisdom, dignity and royalty. It’s often used by education providers and financial institutions.
White is preferred by charities, bridal boutiques, spa centres and technology companies. It is said to signify purity, tenderness, cleanliness and innocence.
Black signifies authority, elegance, sophistication, intelligence and prestige. The motor industry and jewellers commonly use black as the base colour in their promotional literature.
In conclusion
The right choice of colours for your company literature is crucial to sending out the right message about your brand and attracting the right visitors.
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