In our previous blog entry, we discussed how workplace posters could help bolster internal branding. Internal branding is important because it encourages employees to think of themselves as part of a cohesive corporate family while simultaneously promoting a strong sense of your business’s identity and key values.
According to the website Business Gateway, “branding creates your business’s reputation and its ‘personality’”. This is just as true among your employees and colleagues as among your customers, so internal branding is worth pursuing. However, you don’t have to rely on printed posters to cultivate this – many of our other printed products can help you, too.
1. Printed Leaflets
Sometimes, the best way to internally develop your brand identity is to simply tell your employees about it, particularly your values, objectives, corporate responsibility and what you stand for as a company. Leaflet printing is the perfect format for discussing your brand identity and explaining what staff members can do to promote it inside and outside the company. They are both information-rich and easy to distribute. If you choose to use this method of branding, you can expect to see quick positive results in your internal branding expedition because of how impactful printed leaflets can be.
2. Letterheads and branded stationery
Letterheads and other forms of corporate, customised business stationery can be used to subtly reinforce your brand identity. Because your employees see and use office stationery on a daily basis, branded and printed letterheads, compliment slips and similar items serve as a constant, gentle reminder of your business’s core values and identity. We recommend that you incorporate meaningful slogans into the graphic design of your printed letterheads to maximise this effect. It’s imperative that you keep your business branding uniformed and integrated throughout in terms of its graphic design and branding message because then each element of print will reinforce one another to create a more effective powerful internal branding campaign.
3. Business cards
Carefully-designed business cards are great for establishing your brand with customers, but they can also be used for internal branding. By ensuring that all your employees are using the same business cards, you can promote a sense of unity while reminding them of your brand identity. Think of creative ways that your business cards can exude your brand i.e. have the company slogan on the reverse or quotes that align with the company values to ensure that all colleagues are unified in the same business mission.
Want a little bit more info on branding? Checkout this great article from The Drum: How to achieve the ultimate asset: brand consistency

By using printed leaflets, branded stationery and business cards in conjunction you can build a strong sense of identity within your business and develop a high-quality brand that all your employees can support. If you would like some help with your internal branding through graphic design and printing then please get in touch with and a member of our team would be more than happy to help and offer professional advice.