At Print UK, we believe that we provide a truly top-notch design and printing service for posters and flyers. We take pride in empowering our clients to produce eye-catching printed advertising materials that can generate interest and attract customers. However, we also understand that it’s not enough for our clients to have high-quality advertising materials: they also need to deploy those materials efficiently and effectively. If you need help doing this, today is your lucky day: we’ve assembled three simple deployment tips that will help your printed posters and flyers make the greatest possible impact.
1. Get the distance right
Poster printing and flyers are very immediate forms of advertising: you want prospective customers to see them and start to think about visiting your business straight away. As such, it’s advisable to put up most of your posters and flyers relatively close to your business’s location: this will increase the likelihood of prospective customers seeing your posters and choosing to visit your business immediately or on the same day. On the other hand, you shouldn’t place your posters and flyers so near to your business that the only people who see them are the people who would have walked past your business anyway. We recommend placing the majority of your posters and flyers within walking distance of your business, but not within the few streets immediately around your premises. You can also place a few more within reasonable driving distance in order to attract consumers with access to transport.
2. Place your posters and flyers at eye height
According to the website ‘Design:retail’, one of the main advantages of posters and similar advertising formats is that they “put your company at eye level” : Banners and Posters Keep Your Brand at Eye Level . Don’t squander this advantage by placing your posters and flyers too low or too high. It’s much harder to overlook a printed poster or flyer that’s been placed at eye-height. By choosing the right height to place your advertising materials, you can ensure that people see them and pay attention.
3. Avoid areas that are already saturated with flyers and printed posters
The easiest way to ensure that your flyer printing and posters stand out is to place them in areas where there aren’t many other posters or flyers. Sometimes, a huge number of businesses will use the same area to distribute their advertising materials because of the large number of people who pass through that area. However, it is often better to find your advertising territory so that you don’t have to compete against your corporate rivals for consumers’ attention.
By following these tips, you can distribute your posters and flyers with maximum efficacy. Of course, before you can start to do this, you’ll need to design and print them. Naturally, we can help you with that, too. You can find our range of flyers at our website: Meanwhile, you can check out one of our previous blog posts for a little bit of design inspiration: How To Design A Poster For Printing. If you have any questions please get in touch and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.