Direct mail marketing campaigns have numerous advantages for SMEs. According to the small business website Chron , “one major advantage of direct-mail is that it is highly targeted” and can be used to reach out to individuals who are likely to have an interest in your business or products. It’s also cost-effective and highly versatile. A wide variety of different printed materials can be sent out as part of your direct mail campaign, depending on your marketing needs. For example, you may just want to send out printed postcards to raise awareness about your business, or you may want to send full high quality printed brochures to provide more information about you products and services.
But how can you tell when it’s time to start a new direct mail marketing campaign? It’s important to pick the right moment in order to maximise your ROI. There are several signs that can tell you it’s time to start a direct mail marketing campaign, so keep an eye out for them.
1. Your business is no longer attracting new customers
Having a loyal customer base is great, but if you want your business to be successful, you also need to attract a steady stream of new customers. If your business seems to have stopped attracting new customers, you should consider launching a direct mail marketing campaign using a new mailing list. This will help bring your business to the attention of consumers who haven’t heard of it and breathe fresh life into your enterprise.
2. You have started offering a new product or service
Direct mail is a fantastic way to tell consumers about products and services you have recently started offering. This can help maintain existing customers’ interest in your business while also offering new customers a specific reason to pay attention to your enterprise. If you’re now offering a major new product or service, we recommend building a direct mail marketing campaign around it that targets your current mailing lists and at least one new mailing list.
3. Your other marketing strategies aren’t yielding sufficient ROI
If television, radio and online advertising channels aren’t currently helping you attract customers, it might be because you need to reach out to consumers in a more personal way. Direct mail marketing materials can be personalised for the individuals on your mailing lists, meaning that this form of marketing is the perfect way to make an emotional connection with potential customers. If other marketing strategies aren’t working as well as you’d like, launching a direct mail campaign can reinvigorate public interest in your business.
For more on the benefits of direct mail, check out the fantastic article in the Chron by Rick Suttle. What Are the Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising?
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