Did you know you’re 280 times more likely to climb Mount Everest than click on banner ad online? If you’re a start-up, that statistic should tell you that relying on online marketing alone isn’t a savvy choice. According to an article by Greg Sterling in Marketing Land, factor in the 40% of people who use ad blockers on their laptops and ‘your advert here’ looks less and less of a smart investment.
Limiting yourself to digital marketing channels means limiting your potential for success. After all, when someone finds your start-up online that means you’re automatically targeting your niche market without an eye on the bigger picture. Or maybe they were simply in the right place at the right time and fished your ad out from the sea of marketing that churns across our screens every minute – unless we use an ad blocker.
Print Gives You a Concrete Presence
Whether it’s beautifully styled and printed business cards or eye-catching flyers, printed artefacts give your customers something concrete to relate to. That can be critical not only for building brand awareness but for boosting the image of your business.
Digital is popular with startups because print costs money. But spend money effectively on print and it can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Ask your print provider to sponsor your initial print run in return for some free promotion, or explain to potential investors the reach and benefit of print. Then determine the type of print campaign you need and stick to your budget.
Print builds Consistency
Keep your brand voice, image and identity consistent across your marketing channels to build a strong brand identity and customer retention. Whether you’re marketing online or offline, customers need uniformity to recognise your brand and stay loyal.
Creating eye-catching printed adverts in the form of printed posters, leaflets and flyers as well as highly designed brochures builds reiteration. But don’t sabotage your message by spamming public spaces with your flyers.
Print Gives You Legitimacy
You’re probably well aware of the high failure rate for start-ups. Print can help you build credibility and legitimacy giving you a better shot at survival. Use tried and true flyers to promote a one-off event like a pop-up shop, then use innovative bumper sticker ads as a more attention grabbing strategy.
Non-stop online clickbait doesn’t pique the interest like well designed leaflets can, and your print collateral can really help you look the part of a successful business.
For more on Banner Ads, take a read of the fantastic article by Jami Oetting: Who Actually Clicks on Banner Ads?
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