The most successful companies are those that pay attention to the smallest detail – including what they write on. Well-designed stationery, from letterheaded paper to envelopes and compliment slips, says a lot about a firm, projecting its image in a professional and dynamic way.
You may think business stationery is not worth bothering with, that it’s just paper with a company name and address on it – and in the internet era, who uses the post anymore when email is instant and free? Wrong, on both points. There will always be a need to have printed stationery, and always a need to use mail. So whether you’re thinking about having stationery printing done for the first time, or are about to re-order (in which case you might do a revamp), consider these important points.
Not so plain on paper
Think about what kind of paper you want to use for your letterheads, envelopes and compliment slips. If your firm is determined to prove its eco-friendliness, for example, you might want to choose recycled paper, with minor text indicating that it is. For firms that want their clients and suppliers to know they’re a top-quality operation, a heavier paper will convey style and sophistication.
Also, consider the colour of the paper – white, off-white, cream? You decide. Companies wanting to display a dynamic edge may want to opt for something bright and bold, perhaps a crimson or blue. Don’t be constrained by convention, including what goes on the paper. Bright inks will project a warmer image of your company than cool ones, such as blacks and blues, which are more staid and traditional.
Stand-out success
You may already have the layout for your business stationery in mind, or you may not have a clue. Either way, a good design agency coupled with a quality printing company can use their graphic design and print expertise to advise what’s best, including typeface, logo, paper type and other elements that will really make your firm stand out. These days, cheap printing but with high quality results means you don’t have to spend a fortune on letterhead printing.
Brand recognition starts with the paper it’s printed on. Make sure you get yours right, and communicate a strong message. Let help you with your business stationery today.