Your business card is your link to new and potential clients. It is always advised to keep a selection of cards with you at all times, as you never know who you might run in to. This is particularly important when attending events and conferences. However, before you print a bulk load of business cards you need to be absolutely certain that your card will perform. To ensure that your business card reaches its maximum potential, take a look at these four business card design mistakes to avoid at all costs.
1. A bland and boring design
Your business card is a pocket-sized opportunity to show you and your business off. If your company isn’t bland and boring then why should your business card be? Make sure you choose a design that stands out and that will capture attention with every glance. Use your brand’s logos, colours and fonts for a design that suits you.
2. No USP (Unique Selling Point)
Your name and job title/company will of course feature on your business card. But if hundreds, or even thousands, of other people have the same job then what makes you so special? Ensure that your unique selling point also features on the card, so that your potential clients know exactly what you offer and why they should pick you over anybody else.
3. Small print/clutter
Business cards are typically small, suitable to slip into a wallet or purse. So while your print won’t be massive, it is important to ensure it isn’t so tiny that no-one can read it. Likewise, having too much writing can leave the card looking cluttered and make it hard to decipher.
4. Poor print quality
Handing over a business card of poor print quality will do little for you and your business. It will display a lack of professionalism, could easily tear or crumple or be hard to read.
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