Want to differentiate your small business from the crowd? In a landscape of blogs and social media, print is now the non-traditional marketing medium that sets you apart. Efficient and effective, print advertising has an excellent return on investment and won’t end up in the junk mail file.
Set your strategy
Whether you choose a guerrilla print campaign with stickers and teaser posters or a direct mail campaign, print is a subtle and clever way to market your product, services or event. An astonishing 81% (Ref: IWCO Direct) is read by the recipient so make sure your brochures are personalised and add a QR or promotional code to drive traffic to your website. The calculated return on investment for direct mail is an incredible 1300% according to (Compu- Mail, 30 Direct Mail Statistics for 2017.)
Drive engagement through design
A strong visual design does more than simply make your posters and flyers look attractive – it helps your potential customers retain information about your brand and start to engage with it. Use a design online template or work with creatives in your business to create a graphic design that works for your branding.
Distribution is Key
With your strategy in place and your leaflet and poster printing taken care of, you need to design a distribution strategy. If you’re on a tight budget, follow the Pareto Principle and focus 80% of your resources on getting your posters and flyers out there – however great your high quality printing is, it won’t be effective without a smart distribution campaign. It may be that putting up posters in your office and leaving leaflets on the counter are all you need to do, but if you need to distribute your flyers and leaflets more widely then consider using a direct mailer, or collaborate with other similar businesses on a distribution strategy that might involve targeting student campuses or handing out leaflets in the street.
Measure your success
To really optimise the success of your print marketing campaigns you need to be able to track the impact of your print campaign. QR codes allow the recipient to unlock a world of digital engagement so make sure that accessing your code adds value. A promo code on your leaflet design will let you track engagement and then consolidate that information with existing customer data for improved targeting.
For more on direct mail, take a read of the fantastic article by Kurt Ruppel, The National Postal Forum Provides Informed Connections for the Mailing Industry.

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