When it comes to designing posters there are many areas to consider to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively. While many people may think designing a poster is simple, there are actually many mistakes made by companies (large and small) all the time. These mistakes could cost you heavily if your message isn’t noticed by the right people. Take a look at some of the most common poster design mistakes made by businesses.
1. No clear message
When advertising with posters you should always aim to display your message as clearly and simply as possible. Even the most simple of designs will have a message, and usually its simplicity plays to its advantage. If your message isn’t clear, then you could lose your target audience in an instant. Ensuring you use appropriate, eye-catching images, clear fonts and no unnecessarily long sections of text will help make your message stand out.
2. Using the company name as the headline
Your company name will not draw the attention of many people, and as such it should not be used as the headline. The headline, or main piece of text, should reference the offer or message you intend to promote. While your company name and logo should be on the poster, it does not need to be the main focal point.
3. Not including a call to action
Your call to action could be anything, from a direct instruction to pick up the phone or visit a website to simply having your company contact details accessible. Tracking the success of your poster will be much easier if you give potential customers a reason and a way to get in touch.
4. Poor print quality
Even the most beautiful poster design will look terrible if it’s poorly printed. Blurry text and pixelated images not only make your message impossible to read, but take away your credibility as a professional business.
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