Some of the most important aspects of building your brand are sharing and marketing your business, broadening your audience and generating a presence. You want to kickstart that recognition of your business and branding as soon as possible, and print can help you do that! Below are a few of the most successful ways to boost your business using print.

Guerrilla marketing

This form of marketing is a much cheaper and subtle way to get your business and brand out there. It depends on the creation of distinctive posters, stickers, leaflets and postcards that use elements of surprise or unconventional messages to attract customers’ attention. This technique increases consumers’ personal connections and gravitation towards your business as it brings them to you, rather than you going directly to them. Creating a distinctive poster, leaflet, sticker or postcard is a sure way to boost the status of your business and increase your presence locally.

Direct mail

Despite society being so deep in the realms of technology and internet advertising, a recent study by the Central Mailing Services ( demonstrated that direct mail is still one of the top responsive mediums used for advertising your business as 60% of consumers respond and engage with their direct mail.

Therefore, creating a unique and effective leaflet to be shared locally and posted door-to-door is definitely going to get your business known and recognised in the area. Adding a personalised touch could also go a long way in creating that engagement between your business and customers. It is important that any leaflet, brochure printing or newsletters you create have your brand front and centre, so people know what you are offering immediately – this is one of the best tips to ensure your work doesn’t simply get pushed aside and that your network keeps expanding.

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