How many times have you picked up a stack of mail from your doormat and chucked half of it into the recycling bin before you’ve even opened it? With so many leaflets and letters coming through our doors from people trying to sell their wares or their services, making an impact is tough.
That’s why envelope printing could be the perfect way to make your mailings stand out. If it’s easy to identify from the outside who your letter is from and what it’s about, many people will feel more inclined to read it.
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What info should you include?
If you try to cram too much on to your envelope, you could miss the point of decorating or designing the envelope; you want to create just enough interest for the recipient to want to read on, but not give everything away and make it pointless for them to bother opening the envelope.
When you’re sending out a great deal on a product or service, trail it on the front but don’t tell your reader everything. For instance, if you’re a pharmacy chain giving away half price flu jabs during one specific week, put “Get your half price flu jab” on the outside, but don’t explain how, where or when your potential customer can bag the bargain. So they have to open the letter and read on, because curiosity always gets the better of us.
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It’s not just about marketing
Although there are obvious benefits to marketers printing and designing envelopes, there are plenty of other occasions when a business might want to add something a little special to a mailing.
If you’re inviting staff or guests to an awards ceremony, dinner or party, then a beautifully designed personalised envelope could also help to add something a little special to your event, building anticipation from the off.
Envelope printing is a fantastic way to make an impact in a world where junk mail rules. If you’re looking for a cheap, high quality printer with a great selection of design agency quality templates, you’re in the right place – get in touch with today to see how we can help you increase your return on investment and marketing effectiveness of your envelope design and printing.