If you know about digital printing and litho printing as intimately as we do, then you know that it is all about the ink. Taking the smallest details into account, like what colour of ink density to use or pantone spot colour, is essential when printing any important documents. The nitty-gritty matters to us because we want to suit our customers’ style and preference to the best of our ability. We have some tricks up our sleeve in how we play around with our ink to ensure that we get the exact colour and style you want.
Choose your style and colours
Creativity beats conformity any day, especially in marketing. For this reason, we encourage and offer bespoke printing to our clients. The quality of your print jobs is sure to set your business apart from the competition. High-quality printing comes not only from creative designs but also from different colour combination styles. Set your brand apart and sell it using unique styles and ink colours in your booklet printing, merchandise, business cards and leaflet printing. Reach out and get a bespoke quote for a beautifully done job from us and the team can recommend specs and ensure the print finish ties in beautifully with your brand.
Choose from a wide variety
For those who like bold, loud and bright colours, neon is the way to go. Fluorescent coloured inks are not only perfect for invites to parties, but also for corporate flyers, business cards, nail salons and florist leaflets. Brightness is alluring to the eye, no matter what the printed material may contain. Find neon samples under the bold and colourful style products on our website.
For a polished and sophisticated feel, we can add gold and silver foiling and special toners to our ink to give it a metallic feel. This combination of textures gives your print material and your business a high end, premium impression. Christmas cards are also among the products in our catalogue that use this style. Check out pintrest for some inspiration of the use of these print techniques.
Classic whites are an infallible option. Our white ink toners in the background help us make the other colours on your print material pop. If you would still like the traditional CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) ink, we can do that for you too.
Trust us with your work
If you wish to mix more than one colour onto your print, use a striking design or stick to a traditional one, we have you covered. We can tweak the ink and toner to create the brightness, boldness or shimmer that your products need. Reach out to us and help us help you make your brand stand out. Find us on PrintUK.com or call us on 0845 2993 923 for unique, high-quality printing.