Whether you are outsourcing logo design to an external agency or providing a brief for an internal designer; it is important you know what characteristics make a good logo.
A logo will represent your brand and give it an identity. Your logo will also determine your company colour scheme and will, therefore, become the driving force behind how your business is branded visually. Take a look at the qualities of a good logo below.
A good logo looks great in any size. You should be able to scale it up to fit on a banner or shrink it down to fit on a pen. For some logos, this means creating a large format version and a small, favicon like version. For others this can simply mean having a simple design, that is of good quality.
Tip: Ensure that you have a good relationship with your logo designer and that you get the raw files as well as the jpg/ png files.
A logo should be simple, memorable and clean. A busy logo represents disorganisation and chaos. A simple logo is also more likely to scale easily, as mentioned above. For example envelope printing is a powerful marketing tool and as soon as your logo is visible it will attract your reader to open the mail and know it isn’t spam, this can be hugely beneficial in marketing endeavours.
Your logo shouldn’t remind clients or customers of another brand. It should be unique to your brand vision.
This is perhaps the most important quality on the list. A logo should represent the industry your brand operates in. This doesn’t mean an IT retail company should always use a picture of a computer, but it does mean that a green leaf (for example) would most likely be inappropriate.
Your logo should work in print and on screen. Think of all the places it could potentially feature and make your designer aware of this.
Colour dependency
A good logo uses colours that complement the design, but should also work in black and white too. The quality of the design shouldn’t depend on colour alone.
You should treat your logo in the same way you’d treat any other marketing tool for your brand. It is the first visual representation of your company a customer or client sees, and should, therefore, say everything you want to about your brand.
For more on Logo Colours check out this great article by 99 Designs: Logo Colors: Whats Best For Your Brand?
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