Print marketing is a powerful tool in our modern society, especially if used in conjunction with other marketing methods. One of the most exciting parts of any print marketing campaign is sending in your finished poster or leaflet design, ready for your printing company to bring the marketing materials to life. However, before you sign off on a certain design, there are four crucial questions you need to ask yourself.
1. Is it targeted to your exact audience?
As with any marketing avenue, you should be as specific as possible. Even with printed leaflets and posters, you want to be targeting your exact customer rather than appeal to the masses. This means looking at your final design and seeing if the colour scheme or message is the perfect one to suit a specific audience member.
2. Is there a relevant call to action?
All great marketing material has a clearly defined objective. The same should go for your print marketing, and there should be a direct call-to-action on that poster. It could be something as simple as visiting your website, or more targeted like offering a time-limited discount on your products.
3. Can you track the returns?
Compared to other forms of media, it can be hard thinking of ways to measure the returns on your investment, but there are ways around it. For example, if your plan is to get people to visit your site, ensure that all prints include a unique URL. Then, when you look at your website’s analytics, you can see exactly how many people followed the URL. You just need to be creative.
4. Is it truly professional?
Remember that any prints you order will be mass circulated i.e. leaflet printing and are going to be representing your brand and offering a first impression in the minds of hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Therefore, you need to ensure that what you are signing off on is truly professional and eye-catching. Failure to do so will mean a total waste of time and money spent purchasing the leaflets or posters.
Getting the most out of your leaflet design means working with a trusted and experienced graphic design team and print marketing company. That’s where comes in. We have helped businesses all across the UK in all kinds of industries to effectively market their company and create bespoke print marketing materials. To discuss your needs, and to find a package to suit your company contact our team today.
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