It often seems that everything we do in the modern workplace is digital, and that most interaction with business contacts and others is conducted online.
However, the business card is one item of office stationery we can guarantee isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and that’s for a number of good reasons:
1. Exchanging contact details digitally can seem impersonal
When you network, you should be making real, human connections. Eye contact, actual conversation – that’s how genuine working relationships should begin. And, after all, necessary information from the business card can quickly be input into a mobile phone at a later stage.
2. Business cards are excellent tools for direct marketing
A business card really seals the deal when you meet someone, and so they are highly effective when it comes to direct marketing. It’s possible to meet someone you could potentially do good business with at any time – wherever you are – and so if you keep your cards with you all the time, you never miss a possibly valuable business connection. You’re constantly prepared.
3. Remember your card gives a vital first impression of your brand
Just met someone you think could be a great work contact? Don’t let them walk away with a below-par first impression of you or your organisation. The best business cards convey a lot more than simple contact information. So don’t scream “cheap” with your card. After all, a shop trying to create that perfect first impression wouldn’t have a store front sign with cardboard and their name scrawled on it in pen.
Bear that in mind as you design and print your business cards. They can be a great ice-breaker too, and fuel that important initial conversation you have with someone.
4. Remember, they can be shared
Hand over a couple of cards every time and you never know when or where they could be passed on. Finally, cards show you are prepared. Scrawled details on a scrap of paper just don’t cut it – and you can’t put details in a mobile phone if the battery has died. Use business cards instead.
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